7 lessons from 47 years

kit yoon

It’s my 47th birthday today, September 6th.

While I can definitely come up with more than 47 life lessons learned thus far, I decided to feature the 7 that feel most impactful for me.

These are literally “lessons” that I have to remind myself each day because they are so easy to forget when we let life just happen to us instead of creating the life we want to live.

Here goes!

LESSON #1: Health is wealth

We all know this, and yet it is when we aren’t feeling good that we are most reminded of it.

I am okay health wise at the moment, but my son has Covid, been isolated and feeling miserable in his dorm room. It is testing all of my mama bear cells!

All I want is for him to get better. I don’t care much about anything else at the moment, honestly. When you or your loved ones don’t have their health, everything else is secondary.

Health is our greatest wealth. 

LESSON #2:​ Thoughts create things

Coaching taught me that everything that we have in our life started off with just one thought in our mind. 

Here are some examples:

The computer I am using right now was once a thought in someone’s mind.

The phone you may be holding to read this was once a thought in someone (possibly Steve Job’s) mind.

The family you have, the job you hold, the house you live in, the car you drive, clothes, garden, hobbies, friends… everything that we have or created in our life started with a thought in our mind, or in someone else’s!

So it’s true that we have to “be careful what we wish for” because a wish is nothing more than a thought – a sentence in our mind.

If thoughts create things, what do YOU want to create in your life?

LESSON #3: Feelings aren’t final

Feelings and emotions are interchangeable, in my opinion. This means that a feeling is energy in motion (e-motion)

As good or as bad as a feeling we are experiencing can seem, it does not last forever. Energy is always in motion.

Sometimes a feeling can be very very fleeting, in fact.

Knowing this, I work on savoring the positive feelings when they come, and being patient with the negative ones. For the latter, reminding myself that feelings aren’t final helps me allow the energy to flow through me with less suffering.

LESSON #4:​ We are energy

If we are feeling beings, and we indeed are, then we are energetic beings. Whether it is the body or the mind, we are constantly creating or using energy. 

Instead of thinking that we should strive for happiness, how about we aim for cultivating awesome energy?!

LESSON #5:​ We are what we eat

Speaking of energy… it is important to fuel ourselves properly if we want to create that awesome energy. 

There are many ways of fueling our body – the energy factory – but one of the most important is what/how we eat. 

I am sure you have noticed that certain foods can make you feel better or worse than others. This is not necessarily about eating clean/healthy/right.

This is about fueling according to what your unique body requires to function well, and yes, supply you with the energy you desire to feel awesome. 

What and how would you eat if you want to experience awesomeness most of the time?

LESSON #6:​ We are not stuck

Sometimes it sure feels like we are stuck, trapped, tethered. But if you are on board with me on lessons number 2, 3 and 4, you will agree that we don’t have to be stuck. 

Being stuck may be just a thought. Or a feeling. Or both. 

If we are energy, and energy is constantly moving and changing, we can decide to change its course and create a new thought.

That new thought in itself will have a different energy about it and yes, it will give you a brand new feeling! 

Being stuck is always optional. 

LESSON #7: We can heal ourselves

As a holistic healthcare practitioner, ​I’ve been fortunate to personally witness how we are able to heal ourselves.

I don’t prescribe medications, or inject anything foreign with those acupuncture needles. If you feel better after seeing me for acupuncture or talking to me in our coaching sessions, it is because you are able to heal yourself. 

I am simply the facilitator of your healing.


Which lesson resonates with you the most?

Which one do you need to remember the most frequently?

Want to chat about some of these lessons and how you can implement them into your life NOW?

I’d love to hop on a quick complimentary call with you. Book your session here!

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  1. Carol Glassman says

    I am inspired and renewed each time I read one of your blog posts, Dearest Kit. Thank You, from the bottom of my heart, for being a positive, uplifting
    presence in so many lives !
    Happy Birthday !!!
    Wishing You A Beautiful Day, Followed By
    Your Best Year Ever !!!