Chinese medicine looks at the body as its own energetic natural ecosystem. The key to being healthy is to keep our vital energy, also known as Qi, flowing and in harmony. With the principles of Chinese Medicine, I help you tune into your inner wisdom & balance your energy. With the practical tools of coaching, you will be able to transform your mindset and habits. Feeling better does not have to be complicated. Keeping a clear mind, nourishing your body, and listening to your intuition are the key pillars that allow your Qi to flow & maintain your wellbeing.

Integrating ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine with modern health and life coaching.

The mind is our brain in motion. The human mind is composed of the conscious and the subconscious mind. We spend most of the time in the subconscious, automatic mind, thinking and doing things that are easy and comfortable. The conscious mind is powerful and can create anything we think and want. Creating a healthy life requires that we manage our mind with intention, for clarity and purpose. 

We are given a body as a vessel to move us through life, feel our emotions, and experience being human. The body is full of wisdom and its healing potential is extraordinary. When we give it the attention it deserves, we are in turn gifted with limitless energy and vitality. Its health requires our respect and trust. Everything else happens automatically like magic. 

The goal to health is to keep the Qi flowing from its essence: our intuition. In order to do this, we must learn to cultivate the ability to listen and take guidance from our inner knowing. This is where our truths reside. If you have made decisions from your gut, followed the nudge, done things you didn't think you could, then you have connected with this part of you. It's our north star.




Three Pillars To Health

"Kit is a wonderful coach. She is infinitely patient, positive, and non-judgemental. She has the gift of healing and listening. I don't think I could have become aware of many issues in my life and have the desire to make positive changes without her guidance."

MASTERS IN traditional chinese medicine
National Society of Health Coaches
Evelyn Tribole & Elise Resch
The Wellness Institue
Five Branches University
T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition & eCornell
Jess Lively
The Life Coach School

20+ Years of Holistic Healing Experience

I've been practicing acupuncture since 1999, and before that, I trained as a reflexologist. I loved helping my patients who often felt better right away, but over time, it bothered me that some of them still faced the same old habits back home, naturally well-practiced by the mind. It is clear to me that the body, mind & intuition all need to be included in the healing to sustain authentic wellbeing. Over the years, I added more tools like health & life coaching, hypnosis, EFT Tapping, inner voice work to offer a truly integrative solution to my clients' sustainable health. I am thrilled to be able to empower my clients to take charge, tap into their own healing potential, and live the healthiest life they actually enjoy!

Hi I'm Kit!

A mother, a wife, a healer

I was born and raised near Bangkok, Thailand. High school and college years were spent in New England before jumping over to California where my husband and I started our family, enjoyed the sun and the sea for a decade. We now live in a leafy suburb outside of Columbus, Ohio, with our teenage twins, a menagerie of 3 chickens, bunny, and a rescued Corgi named Katie.

My family still lives in Thailand, so I get on the plane as often as I can to go "home" or meet them somewhere in the world. I love to travel! I also love to cook, eat, grow food, walk, read (nonfiction). If I am not walking Katie, taking pictures of non-moving objects, or working, you are sure you find me in the kitchen making food for my family. You can find my favorite recipes here!

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