Qi Reset: Back In Touch

Kit Yoon

There’s a lot going on out there, which makes it feel like there’s a lot going on in here. 

Are you feeling it, too?

Are you a little out of sorts?



Are you feeling out of control and ungrounded like I am?

PSA: We have all the rights and reasons to feel what we are feeling right now!

It is okay and it is healthy to let ourselves feel and process what’s going on in the world and how it’s impacting our well-being.

We were born with these rights – the rights to have opinions, to have emotions, the right to feel down right frustrated, angry and victimized for getting the rights to our own bodies and personal decisions taken away.

We have the right to feel as a woman, or for women.

Okay, so  you must know what I am talking about by now.

You may join me in feeling saddened, disappointed, and yes, angry at the recent overturn of Roe v Wade by the US Supreme Court.

It is not just wrong to take away reproductive rights from women; it’s fundamentally wrong for ANYONE to have ANY say to what we do with our most personal asset: our BODY.

I have shed my own tears, hugged my own daughter, lamented with other female friends and male allies.

I have consoled patients and clients, given them what I can in our healing space together to find some peace.

While we can take actions despite knowing that things won’t change much, at least for a long while, what we can do is to take care of what we do have right now: our body, our mind, our sovereignty.

I decided that a QI RESET is in order!

Next week, I will be hosting a 5-day Qi Reset to anyone who wants to benefit from tuning back into what matters most: our own sovereign being.


In 5 days, we will reconnect with our senses, our nourishment, our movement, our thoughts and intuition. Simply putting our attention back into these five areas of our life will create so much grounding and peace.

I am calling this Qi Reset: BACK IN TOUCH.

You will hear from me each day with a simple reset plan for the day!

Are you in?

$55 is graciously asked from you to participate and receive the daily guidance throughout the Reset that you can follow at your own pace. 

All proceeds will go directly to Planned Parenthood of America where they can help distribute the funds to those who need it the most at this time of need.

REGISTER HERE to join the Reset to reconnect with ourselves while helping others gain back their sovereignty.

I hope you will join me in this endeavor!

Please share this with a friend – the more we can create a movement of self care that will empower us to show up as our strongest self, the better!

We start on  Monday, July 11!

Be sure to sign up now!

I will see you in the Qi Reset!



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