Episode 62: Strengthen Your Body and Design Your Life to Maximize Fun with Ben Van Treese

In today’s episode, Kit talks with her former trainer, Ben VanTreese. Ben is a founder of Off the Mountain Strength.

Tune in to this episode and you will see why it’s good to have millennials on your team to inspire you to create that work-life balance where success and fun and coexist.

Ben shares how he helps his clients take care of their bodies, what workouts are good for beginners as well as pro athletes, and how he structures his days to include work and fun… and much more!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 02:01 – Kit’s recommendation
  • 03:51 – How to sign up for Kit’s free mini-course “Trust Your Gut”
  • 08:01 – Who is Ben?
  • 15:21 – The sensations that Ben finds in climbing
  • 18:09 – Ben’s approach towards beginners in the gym
  • 23:29 – How to start listening to your body
  • 28:01 – How Ben maintains his work-play balance
  • 33:56 – Ben’s approach to food and water
  • 37:38 – How strength training looks like to Ben
  • 45:12 – The three things to feel healthy
  • 47:11 – How to work with Ben from everywhere

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