Circumstances: they don’t affect you


Circumstances are subjects like…

Your mother.

Your husband.

Your kids.

Your job.

Your dog.

What happened in the past.

Who lives in the White House.

What someones says.

What you think in your head.

The weather.

Laundry, dishes, the dirty floors.

The number on the scale.

Cookies, cakes, ice cream, chips, donuts, pasta, cheese, crackers. Chocolate.

These are all circumstances.

They are people, things, events. Numbers. They are facts.

They can’t make you think, feel or do anything.

The reason we do anything is because we choose to do it. 

The reason we do anything is because of how we think it will make us feel. 

The reason we do anything has nothing to do with these circumstances… and yet we often use them as our excuses to do or not do something.

Your mom can’t make you eat cookies. 

Your dog can’t make you keep lying on the couch. 

Your kids can’t make you eat the last bite of PB&J on their plates. 

Your dirty floors can’t make you frustrated. 

You get to choose how you want to feel by choosing how you want to think about any and all of those circumstances.

This blog post: it might make you a little curious, or mad, or confused.

Or it’s blowing your mind.

This blog post is a circumstance: it’s a platform where I share my words that string together. How you decide to think about it will create how you feel about it.

See how that works?

Now that you know this, you get to decide how you want your circumstances to affect you and your life. What if laundry and dirty dishes create the best motivation for you because they allow you to spend some moments of mindfulness?

What if what happened to you in the past is the best gift you could have asked for, no matter how wonderful or terrible it was?



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