Coming to Light: A Holistic Spring Reset

spring reset

Ah… Spring. It’s finally happening!

Days are getting longer now. Snow drops, crocuses and daffodils seem to be up earlier than usual.

Change is happening all around us – there’s an air of excitement for newness, growth and more light in every way!

Lightness, the energy of Spring season, evokes clarity, buoyancy, ease and flow. We get to experience this lightless especially if we are in harmony with ourselves and with nature itself.

Sometimes it’s hard to find or feel that lightness after the quiet and dark days of winter. The transition can be a challenge which is neither right or wrong, good or bad. Change takes courage!

To maximize the upcoming energy of Spring Equinox, I am offering an in person Holistic Spring Reset on Sunday, March 19 from 3-5pm.

Integrating Chinese medicine healing with a detox acupuncture treatment, plus mind body visualization and coaching, you will give yourself a gift of transformation in one afternoon!

In Chinese medicine, Spring is the season of the Liver organ system.

This is the system that governs the smooth flow of our Qi or vital force. A healthy body and mind requires smooth flow of Qi. When in balance, the Liver Qi works together with other systems to create a harmonious flow resulting in grounded emotions good circulation, normal digestion and sound sleep.

When Liver Qi is out of balance, things feel topsy turvy; your emotions may be sub-par, energy is low, life feels full of inertia.

With the Spring Equinox around the corner, we can ride the wave of its energy with a holistic Spring Reset!


What: A Holistic Spring Reset with acupuncture, visualization, mind body coaching

Where: Urban Acupuncture

When: Sunday, March 19 from 3-5pm

How much: $111 per person

How to register: Call 614-725-2488, or sign up online here under Schedule Now, and then under Classes

Space is limited.

Sign up today!

Reach out to me with any question. I look forward to Coming to Light with you!

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