Enough: What does it mean to you?



What does that word mean to YOU?

Have you considered that you get to decide what enough means to you individually?

Ask yourself:

What is enough sleep for me?

What is enough play for me? 

What is enough exercise for me?

What is enough money for me? 

What is enough success for me?

What is enough food for me?

We often define enough according to other people’s opinions, guidelines, society’s standards. We define enough by looking things up on the computer, read books, look on the back of boxes.

We define what is enough for us by looking outside of ourselves. 

What if we just ask ourselves what enough means to us?

What if it’s different from other people’s enough?

What if we get the freedom to decide for ourselves?

And if we doubt what enough is for us… why are we doing that?

Is it because we are comparing ourselves to others?

And is it serving us?

Try this:

Ask yourself how much of ______ you need that is enough for you.

Give yourself permission to decide what that amount is for you, and see what happens.

You might be (pleasantly) surprised.


P.S. When it comes to food and eating… the answer is likely found when you tune into your body. Your mind may disagree, of course, and that’s when you get to decide who to abide, and which voice you will get the results you want.



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