Fall Reset: Get Grounded

kit yoon

Late summer to early fall is actually its own season in Chinese Medicine: the Earth Element season.

Earth is one of the Five Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, others being Water, Metal, Wood & Fire.

Chinese medicine practitioners use Five Element theory to diagnose and differentiate between different illnesses & dysfunctions; we even it to distinguish people’s personalities and lifestyle tendencies.

We also use the elements to help us navigate through each season: what to eat, when to move, how to think and feel so that we can feel our best.

In nature, living things are slowing down their growth this time of year. They are getting ready to let go (Metal energy – Fall) and hibernate (Water energy – Winter).

Earth energy, when in balance, grounded, rooted, stable. We feel safe and secure.

When out of balance, we can feel frazzled & overwhelmed. We can lose focus and feel out of control.

But don’t fret! There are simple things we can do to balance our Earth!

kit yoon

For 5-days, I will be sharing and practicing some simple things to reset myself in this Earth season (my favorite season, actually).

If you want to join me, I will be doing a daily LIVE to get us started each day with a quick grounding exercise.

I will also share a daily motivation along with a recipe that uses late summer harvest to nourish our digestive system.

It will be a simple reset, but one that helps get you to feel grounded and ready for the rest of the year. 

You can find more details here and sign up for free!

I look forward to getting more grounded together!

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