Food and Compassion


I have a wake-up routine that includes picking a daily angel card.

Each card has one word on it, and that word helps guide my day.

Some days I forget about the word entirely (depends on how awake I am when I look at it – perhaps), and some days I use the word to focus and show me the way.

Today, the word is compassion with this meaning:

“You are encouraged to open your heart and mind to see others and yourself through the eyes of love.”

This message seems to equate compassion as something that occurs mostly in our mind and our heart. 

How do we actually show or give compassion? What is the action of compassion?

I was thinking about this while cooking for the family the other day.

One of the ways that I show love and compassion with the people I love is through preparing and sharing food. I know I am not alone in this: there is such an innate sense of sharing love when we share food.

Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because food keeps us alive. Food gives us pleasure. Food helps us connect.

But food itself does not equate love or compassion – at all.

It’s the actions around food that allow us to think and feel compassion. 

What other ways can we show compassion besides food, especially with ourselves?

Food is not always the answer. In fact, what if food is not the answer? 

How do we love and care for ourselves in other ways? 

What if food, sometimes, is the opposite of compassion?



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