Good and Bad

Is it possible to feel good AND bad at the same time?

You may be feeling it a lot these days… with the ebb and flow of this pandemic, the ups and downs of the holidays, the mixed blessings of extra time with your loved ones…and yourself!

Believe me, it’s good AND bad for me, too!

This dichotomy the very definition of YIN – YANG in Chinese Medicine. There is no good if there’s no bad, no light without darkness, no joy without sorrow, no ease without dis-ease.

It’s the 50/50 of life. We need BOTH to have both.

So, yes, it is possible to feel good AND bad at the same time; to feel gratitude AND misery; to feel at peace AND anxious.

Sometimes just acknowledging that it’s supposed to be this way is helpful.

Adding acceptance to it makes it a little easier.

Allowing yourself to flow with it can perhaps make it even tolerable.

Acknowledge – Accept – Allow

You can remember it as the Triple A for your soul (not just for your vehicle). The way to call for this Triple A is nothing more than your breath. That is the best energy medicine you need – it’s your emergen-Qi!!

I like this breathing technique that can instantly reset your energy.

If that doesn’t work – just call me. 🙂


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