How to pull “a Ben”

This was a newsletter I sent last week, NOT on my usual Tuesday because…

I pulled “a Ben” this week: I gave myself permission to make this week work for me.

You see, I have been in quarantine.

Nine days ago, I was exposed to a positive COVID case.

Chinese New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and a TUESDAY came and went. I was aware of them, but I also was not aware of them.

I have been floating and flowing through these last 9 days showing up to virtual appointments and coaching calls, but not necessarily remembering what day it was.

And it didn’t matter!

Before 2020, I may have been disappointed with myself for having forgotten to write and send my Tuesday Newsletter on a Tuesday.

But life after 2020 has given me a whole new perspective. Mind you…

  • I still don’t like letting anyone down (forever a people pleaser).
  • I still like following a routine that works for me (I am a Virgo!).
  • I still enjoy feeling productive, efficient and, yes, punctual (Enneagram 3).

The main difference in the AC era (After Covid) is, I give myself permission to be okay letting go of those things. At least, some of the time.

With this permission, I don’t feel guilty, disappointed or ashamed.

With this permission, I don’t feel like I did something wrong.

In fact, I was completely amused this morning when it dawned on me that today is THURSDAY, and that I forgot to send out my Tuesday newsletter.

Instead, I giggled, and…

  • gave myself permission to have fun thinking about what I would say to you.
  • enjoyed feeling free of guilt.
  • told myself that I didn’t even have to do anything, that I’d send something, if it feels like fun.

Want to learn more about Ben and how he chooses to live a balance life and pulls a Ben as often as he can?

Listen to this podcast episode, and I dare you to pull a Ben soon!

I promise it’s worth any discomfort you may feel at first, because after you get through that, you get to experience freedom.


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