Return to the nest: Hypnosis


My brother may have been my very first hypnotist.

He was into a lot of “strange” and “experimental” things when we were little.

A couple of years older than me, and MUCH MUCH more adventurous than I was (or will ever be), he introduced me to things like archaeology (thanks to Indiana Jones), detective work (kudos to Sherlock Holmes), UFOs, and at some point, hypnosis.

I don’t remember much (perhaps I’m not supposed to remember), but I do recall lying down and looking at spirally things he showed me as he repeated some words near my ear, to lull me into a trance.

That’s why I was surprised when, at my first professional hypnotherapy session years later in America, the therapist used nothing spirally to help me relax my mind, to rest my body, and to shift the state of my consciousness.

  • Hypnosis, as I later learned, is simply a way to slow down our busy mind.
  • Hypnosis, as it turns out, is a tool toward peace.
  • Hypnosis, as you will see, is completely under our own control.
  • Hypnosis, at its root, is a simple way to bring ourselves back to the present, back to ourselves.

When I trained to become a certified clinical hypnotist, the first thing I learned was the fact that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

In fact, we hypnotize ourselves throughout the day.

You see, our consciousness (controlled by our mind, housed in our brain) resides in multiple states, namely beta, alpha, theta, and delta.

It takes the most energy to be in Beta state – when we are engaged in activities that require our full attention.

Humans, as a species, evolved to conserve energy whenever we can.

So if the brain does not have to be in Beta, it will naturally transcend to alpha…

In that space, the automatic subconscious space, it can be a scary place for most of us to linger. It’s full of stories from the past, plans for the future, negative thoughts about others and ourselves. This is also where worries live; this is where we dwell on things that may or may not happen.

This is where self criticism thrives.

The good news is that, the alpha state can also be experienced with utter peace and calm, if we are intentional about it.

That’s where hypnosis, hypnotherapy, or other forms of meditations come in handy.

They all bring us to that blissful alpha state where we can surrender to the moment, to understand what seems complicated, to reframe thoughts, beliefs and habits that are not serving us.

Hypnosis has been the single most effective tool for myself personally – to understand myself deeper and grow beyond my own limitations.

It has been one of the best tools to help my patients and clients feel better physically, get unstuck emotionally, feel grounded and more at peace within themselves.

I love that we don’t need any external tools, medications, or even people to shift our energy so drastically. It’s all within our own ability to feel better, experience real peace and joy in ways you’ve always wanted.

Hypnosis, arguably, is the “quick fix” to blissfulness that we are all looking for!

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