A lot of the times when we feel stuck and disconnected from our body, when we lose our zest for life, our self-confidence, our identity, when we stop trusting ourselves, it's because our Mind is overriding the other sources of wisdom we all have within us: our body and intuition. Inner Voice Coaching is where I can help you reconnect to your inner knowing which will guide you on how to live the healthy, fulfilling life you enjoy and deserve. Clients have cleared long held beliefs and what's kept them stuck in just a single inner voice and/ or hypnosis facilitation.

Is your Mind overriding the innate wisdom of your body's intuition and keeping you stuck?

You feel you can't get out of your head.

You feel disconnected from your body.

You don't trust yourself and are always looking externally for answers.

You believe that there must be more to 'me'.

You are ready to let go of old patterns & willing to try this leading edge work into your subconscious.


“If you want to get in touch with your intuition, look no further! The inner voice session with Kit was greatly instrumental in helping me let go of my ingrained self-limiting belief. I finally found freedom in my heart and reconnected with my inner guidance.” - Chan H

“I have felt light and free during + after each inner voice session with Kit. I've been able to stop self sabotaging with alcohol, let go of expectations and doubting my own potential. I can honestly say that I'm happier than I have been in a long time!” - Joanne M

“Learning to reach my inner voice is life changing! I had no idea the feeling of inner peace I would find after my 1st inner voice session. The release of emotion, feeling my feelings and letting them go left me with such peace. The flow of energy pulsing through my body when we were done proved that something pretty spectacular happened. Kit guided me through every step of the way. I felt safe and supported. Life changing indeed!” - Laurie G


This is a 50 minute virtual, FaceTime or phone session where we get to dive deep into your inner voice and be guided from your own intuition and inner compass.

Bring your current health or life challenges to the session. You will leave feeling clearer, lighter, calmer. You will leave knowing how to proceed with confidence.

From a single session, you will learn how to connect to your inner voice on your own. While it is designed as an one-off session, repeat sessions are also available for further guidance.

Virtual Session

Your topic of choice

One-off Session

Inner Voice Coaching Session: $222