Introducing A Blog A Day in May!

kit yoon

I’ve been doing something “fun” with my personal coach lately.

It’s got to do with doing something uncomfortable everyday.

You can call it a dare, a challenge, a silly goal, but we think of it as a way to grow our uncomfortable muscle stronger.

You see, we evolved to be comfortable so that we don’t expend more energy than we have.

Our human brain, and to a certain extent, the rest of our body, loves to be in homeostasis.

Emotionally, we love to be comforted, at ease.

We don’t like to experience pain of any kind.

Getting uncomfortable, whether it’s physical or emotional, challenges our innate tendencies.

If you wanted to get fitter physically, you might want to lift heavier weights, right?

If you want to get smarter intellectually, you might want to read more, study more, learn more, right?

Similarly, if you want to get stronger emotionally, you will need to exercise your emotional discomfort!

For me, this discomfort is the feeling of impatience.

I’ve spent my whole life thinking, believing and identifying myself as impatient!

Truth be told, I am tired of being impatient.

I am IMPATIENT of being impatient.

I want to learn to be patient.

So with my coach’s accountability, I decided to create a whole month of one type of discomfort: to produce a blog post a day in May!

What will come from this little (big) uncomfortable project?

I don’t know, and yet, I am quite excited for the adventure!

Check in here each day in May for the reveal!

Feel free to join me and get comfortable each day in May. Let’s grow through discomfort together. It’s worth it at the end, I promise.


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