Intuitive Eating Journey: Intention


“You think you should not do it, but actually, you want to do it, Kit”

My coach pointed out during one of our sessions.

“I do?” I asked, perplexed. “But I shouldn’t have done it!”

“Well, you wouldn’t do it, if you didn’t want to, right?”

Oh my goodness, she’s right.

We do things because we want to do them, because of how we think it will make us feel at the moment. 

We were talking about my lack of following through how I say I will do something, but a lot of times, I don’t.

When it comes to intuitive eating, we can’t always rely on intuition when we aren’t very connected with it yet.

Especially at the beginning of the journey, we must be patient, and intentional about wanting to become an intuitive eater. 

Even though we were all born intuitive eaters, we were not all raised, intuitive eaters. The body may know and remember, but our mind has to practice being intuitive again.

That requires attention and intention. 

If you want to become a true intuitive eater, you have to want to be an intuitive eater.

It’s not just a wish, a should, or a maybe.

It’s a want.

When you work on what you want, you get what you want.



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