Intuitive Tuesday: Letting Go

I used to look forward to my coffee routine every morning at 4 am.

It was not just coffee, though, it was a coffee and two Kit’s cookies routine. I didn’t think that I could just have a black coffee (or just ONE cookie) on an empty stomach – that it would be too acidic for my stomach. I believed I needed a little something with the coffee.

This routine had been happening for years. Before the cookies, it was a piece of toast with jam. If there was french baguette around, that was preferred. It was a routine of coffee with something…sweet.

I needed something sweet to go with the black coffee was a big belief/routine I carried around since I could remember.

And then one day recently, I stopped. I just drank black coffee alone, at 4 am.

It happened the morning after I had a coaching session in which the coach asked me to challenge my own beliefs where “You think you have to, but actually you want to.”

I decided to stop the morning coffee-cookie ritual to practice honouring my hunger. It’s part of my intuitive eating journey where one practice honouring the body by eating according to the body’s hunger-fullness signals.

Truthfully, I am never hungry when I wake up. But the belief that I needed something with the coffee kept me from really tuning in to my body’s signals.

It is for sure one of the “You think you have to, but you actually want to” moments my coach asked me to be aware of.

Most days, my mind still wants me to keep up the coffee-cookie routine. Most days, I practice asking myself which decision will help me practice honouring my body. Most days, I choose to trust my body’s signal instead of my mind’s old belief.

Most days, I just drink the coffee alone now. Is it as enjoyable? No. Do I want to keep it up? Yes.


Because I actually like the fact that I can choose to think and act differently in my own terms. I do not need to keep doing something just because I have done it forever.

I’m enjoying the reframe of doing something that I WANT to and not HAVE to. I love trusting my own body’s signals and practicing trusting my intuition. It helps me feel like I’m living in the moment more often than not which helps me feel more at peace (not an easy feeling to come by these days).



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