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kit yoon

Intuitive reality – When we fight with reality, we always lose.

Our dog, Katie the Corgi, is showing her age.

We’re not sure how old she is exactly, but she’s not young. We adopted her from a Corgi rescue organization in 2011, and she was supposedly 7 then…so, you know, she’s not young.

She’s beginning to do things one would expect from an elderly dog: she sleeps more, can’t jump into the back of the car, forgets that she just ate or walked, has a complete loss of hearing, slows down during our walks. She literally digs her heels.

And yet… there are times when I get frustrated and wish that she was acting “normal.”

So silly, right?

In fact, she IS ACTING NORMAL for her right now.

I’m frustrated because I want the old Katie who always out-walked me, came when her name was called, didn’t wander around the house at 2 am, and yes, would jump into the car on her own with glee (she loves car rides).

One of my favourite teachers I learn from is Byron Katie. Her words ring true, and need to be remembered on a regular basis:

When we fight with reality, we always lose.

It’s hard to not fight with what is going on – especially now during this pandemic.

It’s hard when we don’t want to accept what is going on. It’s hard to have no control over what is going on.

And yet… it is reality.

Intuitive reality – Our dog is old. COVID is still here.

We don’t have to be happy about any of it. But we also don’t have to fight with it. Not losing feels better than losing.

We don’t have to win, and we don’t have to lose.



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