Kitchari Cleanse Part 1

When I decided to listen to my body and my intuition, I knew I wanted to do some kind of Reset to help my body get back to the functional machine that I know it is capable of.

I had spent several months during the early part of the pandemic enjoying home-cooked meals, homemade bread (sourdough), baked goods and the like. I loved permitting myself to eat whatever I wanted while listening to my hunger/fullness cues. It was part of my intuitive eating journey that I welcomed.

Along the way, I knew that I was also consuming foods that my body does not love: dairy and sugar are among them. They make it happy for just a moment, and fatigue, heaviness and bloating usually followed when I over consumed these foods.

But I would allow my mind hunger to take over and ignore the signs and signals that my body was trying to tell me otherwise.

As time passed, and I continued to eat these foods, my intuition nudged with a whisper of knowing. My body spoke with signs and symptoms of inflammation and digestive upset.

I continued to ignored.

Until I couldn’t anymore.

Once I managed my mind around it, with the help of my coach, I decided to pursue a Kitchari cleanse with my friend and colleague, Betty Brown.

Kitchari cleanse is a common and safe way to reset our gut, digestion, and really, the whole being.

You can learn more about Kitchari and the reasons behind kitchari cleanse here.

Betty and I decided to do a 12-day Kitchari Cleanse for me, with 7 days in the middle of just eating kitchari for all the meals. The days before and after were clean-eating days (no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol).

I am so glad I followed my intuition and honoured my body. The mind was the only thing in the way (isn’t it always!). It took a few days to convince the mind to be part of the team.

It was worth the work. It was worth the time.

It’s worth giving yourself a gift of letting yourself heal.

Find out how it went for me in Kitchari Cleanse Part 2 post!



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