Late Summer Reset

mindful eating

Late Summer is the 5th season in Chinese Medicine and it so happens to be my favorite season!

The shortest of all seasons, only lasting from mid August to mid September, but it is the mightiest one, in my opinion.

To understand what this season is about, you can look out at what is happening in nature right now. You will notice that transitions are happening all around us; things are still growing, but also ending; the days are warm with cooler nights. Kids are going back to school, and adults are back to work from the summer vacations. The household rhythm has shifted as well.

This transition time requires that we stay balanced, rooted, grounded.

This is when we have to shift our focus to nurturing ourselves, to make sure that we are in harmony with ourselves as well as with our external environment.

It is time to find that center and nurture it!

This is the best season to cultivate the wisdom of our gut – figuratively and literally!

Not ironically, Late Summer season corresponds to the Spleen/Stomach system which governs our digestion. It is most important now to be intentional about what, how, when and how much we consume, both for the body and the mind.

Eating mindfully is very beneficial for our digestion, as well as for the nervous system.

Food wise, Late Summer gives us plentiful harvest. It is best to offer the body with fresh, locally grown whole foods whenever possible.

If you have digestive challenges, focus on eating slightly sweet foods like root vegetables but do minimize or avoid processed and added sugary foods. These damage the Spleen and Stomach organs.

If you tend towards worry, Late Summer will bring up more reasons for you to do so. Practice simple mind/body techniques to regulate your nervous system. Move your body to keep the Qi flowing smoothly.

mindful eating

If you would like to experience a true mind-body reset, you are invited to join the Late Summer Reset with me at Urban Acupuncture on Sunday, September 10 from 3-5pm.

We will focus on Mindful Eating using my Transformative Trilogy: acupuncture, hypnosis & mindfulness.

You will receive a relaxing acupuncture treatment to rebalance your digestion, mindful eating tools to practice at home and habit reframe to help shift your cravings for foods that no longer serve you.

The Reset is FREE and only open to 11 people, so sign up now under “CLASS.”



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