Late Summer Reset: Intro to Intermittent Fasting


For some of us, late August-early September will always be the start of a new year. It was that way when I went to school and it’s still that way with my kids still in school.

So, basically, Happy New Year!

Late summer is considered a real and important season in Chinese medicine.

It’s the season of change and transformation.

It belongs to the Earth element and physically linked to the Spleen/Stomach organ system. When in balance and harmony, you may feel very grounded (earthy) and enjoy an especially good digestive system.

If your Spleen/Stomach system is out of balance, this time of year may bring you digestive challenges like IBS, weight gain, blood sugar disorders, or low energy.

It may bring you a sense of unease. You may feel unsettled, frazzled, and disorganized.

Balancing your earth element, your digestive system and your grounding energy will help you enjoy the season so much more.

Hence, it’s a good time to Reset, my friend!

This time around, we are going to give Intermittent Fasting a whirl.

If you have not tried this way of eating, you’re in for a treat. Or should I say, your body is in for a treat.

Intermittent fasting is simple once you choose what version of it you want to follow. There are several benefits to eating this way as well. Find out more here.

Join me and my community as we welcome the Late Summer season, and take care of our mind and body in an intentional, healthful way.

Grab the guidelines, join the Reset and take on Late Summer like a champ!



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