Lose Weight On Vacation


My coach thinks losing weight on vacation is fun.

Yah, she’s weird.

But she’s got a point: most people on their weight loss journey get anxious about going on vacation for fear that they will:

  • fall off the “wagon”
  • lose self-control
  • feel obliged to please others
  • not get to eat their favourite foods
  • feel deprived
  • gain all the weight back
  • have to start over when they return

Personally, I don’t encourage my weight loss clients to lose weight on vacation.

I want them to enjoy their time away.

But I do encourage them to decide ahead of time if they want to maintain, lose or gain.

And to stick with that decision. 

However… there is an alternative.

What if I offer you that being ‘on vacation’ is a state of mind?

Your results during and after vacation are entirely up to your thoughts about vacation.

Remember that our thoughts always create our results.

If our thoughts about being on vacation are something like:

“I get to eat whatever I want.”

“I am free to indulge in food and drinks.”

“I deserve to treat myself on vacation.” 

“I am out of control when I am not in my routine.”

…then you will end up with results of weight gain, self-judgement, self-sabotage, guilt, shame, and more.

Instead of working with these old thoughts, I ask my clients to observe them and be curious about them.

I offer that if they don’t want to gain weight on vacation as they had before, they have the ability to think differently about their vacation, on purpose.

They can plan to not gain weight while enjoying their vacation to its fullest. If that is what they choose. 

What thoughts can you work with so that you can and will get the results you want on, during, and after your vacation?



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