May 18: An Anniversary to Remember

kit yoon

A few days ago, on May 12, I had this feeling that there was something special about the day.

I went through the mind’s rolodex: someone’s birthday? anniversary? special event? Am I supposed to be somewhere or do something and had forgotten?

I spent a while trying to remember, but couldn’t come up with anything. It kept nagging me, so I eventually let it go.

Until it came to me on my morning walk a couple of days later: May 12 is MY own anniversary!

May 12 was when I officially started my own private practice in Ohio.

May 12, 2014 was when I opened my door to my own acupuncture patients, in my own little office on Main St. in Bexley, Ohio.

It was not my first time doing so: I had my own practice in Santa Cruz, California 12 years prior. But that felt like a different life time ago. It was soon after I had become licensed; it was before I had children; it was before I really owned my skills or knew what I really wanted to do.

May 12, 2014 felt like a true beginning of something I wanted to create with purpose. It was something for my community, to share the benefits of Chinese Medicine, to offer health and healing to those seeking help.

If anniversary means an occasion that adds meaning to life like a historical event, an organization milestone, a life or relationship maker, May 12 is all of those things.

It’s been such an honor to serve my community near and far for these past 8 years.

If you are reading this, thank you for being part of my purpose.

Maybe I will name this anniversary something catchy so I won’t have to do the same mind search.

May 12 will just be an automatic ______Day every year, because it will remind me that it was the beginning of a chapter I will always be grateful for.

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