May 10: Katie, part 3

kit yoon

Back in 2011, podcast was a relatively new way of creating and consuming content, at least for me.

When I tapped into it, it felt like entering a new world of possibilities, knowledge, entertainment, education, and even friends.

I started listening to podcasts recommended by others – the classic ones like This American Life, Fresh Air, On Being and Good Life Project.

Listening to these well crafted podcasts made my walks with Katie feel like time well-spent. I looked forward to our walks so I could tap into new episodes. Sometimes it even felt like connecting with friends.

Our walks got longer because I wanted to listen all the way through.

As these things go, I quickly found podcast rabbit holes. I found business podcasts, spiritual podcasts, comic podcasts. I even got into a murder series that I did not think I would enjoy. And oh my gosh! You have to listen to it if you have not already!

I also started following other healthcare providers, healers, wellness entrepreneurs who gave me so much inspiration.

They helped educate me, and showed me how I can be a better practitioner and healer!

I loved podcasts so much that I started my own (it’s on a permanent pause at the moment).

At any rate… it’s true that my life would not be the way it is today without Katie and our walks. They facilitated me to listening, learning and taking action from podcasts the way I would not have done before.

We never know how ONE decision (to get a dog), ONE change (walking routine) would create other positive changes!

We only see it later when we get to connect the dots, as Steve Jobs so beautifully conveyed in this speech (I listen to this often).

I have Claire (my daughter) and Katie (the corgi) to thank for creating those very first dots!


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