May 16: Qi Magic


It is believed in Chinese Medicine that when and where Qi flows freely, there is optimum health.

So our main goal as a Chinese medicine practitioner is to create Qi flow.

When using acupuncture, we choose acupuncture points that unblock Qi stagnation.

There are many ways to do this, depending on many things.

Out of all the lessons I learned in Acupuncture School, this one from our teacher Frank He stuck with me the most.

“It’s not just where or how you place the needles. It’s what you’re thinking and feeling when you place the needles. That’s how we get to the Qi to flow.


I can still picture where Frank was standing at the moment he taught us this lesson.

We were in a class with a real patient on the treatment table.

Frank was about to show us how to treat that particular patient whose main complaints were anxiety and insomnia, if I recall correctly.

There are more than 300 identified acupuncture points on a human body, and infinite combinations of points to treat all kinds of ailments.

Post graduating, each practitioner will have their favorite ways to deliver this ancient healing art to their patients. And yet, the most important thing is not the point combination, not the quality of their technique (although that helps with ease and comfort), or whether the patient believes in acupuncture.

What the practitioner is thinking and feeling during the treatment is instrumental in the healing facilitation.

It is what is meant by the concept “where our intention goes, our Qi will flow.”

What is Qi? Why is it important?

Qi is everything and it is everywhere.

Qi is our vitality, our aliveness. 

A healthy body embodies free flowing overall Qi of the person – mind, body and spirit.

A successful treatment requires that the practitioner’s Qi is also free flowing during the treatment.

What we’re thinking about, how we’re feeling during the treatment can help determine the outcome for the patient.

This is also true in other energetic exchanges – not just for acupuncture.

Where your intention goes, your Qi will flow. 

What do you want to happen in any situation?

Make Qi magic happen by thinking and feeling into the outcome you desire.

Create Qi flow with your intention for optimum outcome. 

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