May 17: Move the Qi


Did you catch yesterday’s blog post about Qi Magic?

The quick summary is just this: where our intention goes, our Qi flows.

Why do we want our Qi to flow?

Because when Qi flows, we get to experience life at its fullest, with less pain and more ease, with more vitality and lasting joy.

When Qi is stuck, blocked, or stagnant, we experience physical and emotional pain.

When Qi is not flowing, we feel stressed and depressed, frustrated and overwhelmed.

So, we definitely want to keep Qi moving!

How else, besides getting acupuncture, can we ascertain that Qi flows as much as possible?

One word: MOVE

Move your body to feel strong, to be flexible, to energize your being.

You can do this by being physically active, exercise, get treatments like massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. But that is not enough to keep your Qi flowing because our body responds to our mind.

If our mind experiences Qi stagnation (worry, anxiety, fear, doubt, confusion — all things created by our thinking mind), it is not enough to move the body Qi.

You can move your mind Qi by…

  • being aware of your thinking
  • reframe your beliefs
  • change your expectations
  • shift from your old patterns of thinking and doing

Where is Qi stuck for you?

Need help identifying? I can help!


Schedule a “review” session with me to uncover how we can get your Qi moving.

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