May 2: An Edible Hug

kit yoon

Did you know that hugging isn’t universal?

I didn’t grow up with many hugs from my parents, friends or other loved ones. 

It wasn’t because we don’t love each other. We just don’t hug abundantly in Thai (and other Asian) culture, if at all.

Growing up, hugs in my family looked more like:

  • a trip to the seaside
  • a plate of beautifully cut up fruits
  • a bowl of jok when you’re sick, or not
  • verbal praises when you do well in school: เก่งมาก geng maak, good job!
  • sending your children half the world away for great education and better future

Now, over the  years, away from my birth country and culture, I have gotten to like hugs that don’t necessary look like those.

I especially like the full body squeeze sort of hugs.

The other day, I got those hugs – from my kids!

They were more satisfying than any fruits, walks on a beach, words of praise. 

Perhaps due to an automatic response to the oxytocin release immediately following the squeezes, I asked if they were hungry. It was lunch time, after all.

Thankfully, they said yes!

What would you like to eat?

They replied with ข้าวไข่เจียว, Kao Kai Jiao, Thai omelette, of course. It’s the easiest, most edible hug of all!


Thai Omelette Recipe:


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon Thai Soy sauce or fish sauce 
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • ground black or white pepper


  • Beat eggs in a bowl with soy sauce and pepper 
  • Heat oil in a skillet until hot.
  • Pour egg mixture into the hot pan and allow to bubble and cook on one side for a minute.
  • Flip to cook the other side. The omelette will be done within seconds!
  • Serve over jasmine rice, with more soy sauce and sriracha sauce as you like.


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