May 20: Showing Up

kit yoon

It’s day 20 of a blog a day in May, and honestly, I am just not feeling it today.

I started this blog post a few times, and nothing felt “right.”

Then my brain offered me all sorts of questions:

  • Is it perfectionism rearing its head?
  • Is this when my creative juices run out?
  • What will I write about, post, share in the next 10 blog posts if I can’t do this one? 
  • Is this stream of consciousness an okay thing to be on a blog post?

I am going to decide that it is.

I’m going to decide that it’s all okay because I am showing up here as authentically as I can.

Trying to do something or be someone that is not aligned with who I am never felt right, so why should I try now?

I could just pause, and stop, and abandon this challenge today. That is an option.

I wonder if anyone would even notice?

My mom told me once that my dad needs his all of his shirts to be well pressed even if it’s inside of his suit jacket.

“Nobody will know or see a little wrinkle,” she told him once when his shirt was not quite up to par.

“I will,” he replied.

So not stopping or abandoning, but instead showing up to write whatever comes to mind is like that wrinkle shirt.

I know that if nobody else sees, or cares, I will.

Let’s hope tomorrow’s post is more interesting than this one 🙂.

If you are here, thank you for reading and noticing this “wrinkly shirt”!

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