May 23: Tight Shorts, Part 3

kit yoon

By the way, I’m not letting go of the tight shorts.

I plan to keep them because:

1) They still sort of fit.

2) They help me remember to reframe my thinking – not about them, but about me.

3) They remind me that Margaret, the inner critic inside my head, does not get to boss me around. I can acknowledge her presence and “guidance,” but I don’t have to believe or obey.

The shorts are tight not because they shrunk; they are tight because I had gained some weight over the past year. 

That’s a neutral fact.

What I want to make it mean depends entirely on me, not Margaret, not what the outside world may think.

I can give myself permission to ask questions like:

  • What kind of story do I want to write about it? 
  • How do I want to think about the weight gain?
  • Do I want to do anything about it, if at all?

If I weren’t aware of all the self judgement and negative thinking, I would for sure feel disappointed, embarrassed and ashamed. I would have bought anything and everything Margaret offered my mind to think and believe.

Then I would lose myself in a pity party, possibly eat mindlessly to numb any negative emotions (more guilt and shame), and feel even worse about myself.

With the awareness, however, I can decide what to make of the situation (tight shorts due to weight gain). I can:

  • accept the fact and recognize that I must have needed to do all the things to take care of myself (pandemic related, possibly?).
  • remember all the delicious foods I ate – just enough for what I needed.
  • think that I moved just the right amount for my body.
  • decide that nothing went wrong. I am at the perfect weight for me at this time.
  • for sure decide that the tight shorts are not a problem.

From the place of peace, I can intentionally decide on how I want to move forward. I can decide to:

  • get another pair of shorts that fit my current size, or
  • stay right here and change nothing. I have other things to wear, and /or
  • shift some habits so I can feel more comfortable, not just in the shorts, but in my body in general.

I often consult with Sage, my inner guidance, my inner coach, for the right decisions for me at the time.

I trust Sage. She’s the opposite of Margaret. 

I know, I’ve got a whole crew in my head. You probably do, too!

Once Sage and I concur on what I want the outcome to be, we decide on a plan.

If I want to take some actions (get new shorts? change some habits? do nothing?), I will follow through as best I could, 88% perfectly.


What are your “tight shorts?”

Who’s your inner critic?

Your inner guidance?

Who do you trust to make decisions?


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