May 26: KISS and Caprese

kit yoon

I had an elaborate plan for dinner the other night.

I had planned it 2 days before by making lentil soup and homemade pesto. I also put out a loaf of focaccia bread to thaw before I left for 24 hours to fetch my mother in law down from Michigan.

On our drive back, I went over the dinner prep in my head. It went like this.

I would drop her off at home, go to work, come back and get everything ready in 30 minutes or less. It felt like a lot even just thinking about it, but I was determined to follow through my own plans. Nothing was HARD, it just felt hard.

Yay to being a Virgo!

I did drop her off, went to see a few of my favorite patients, walked home to begin the dinner preparation until…

I didn’t feel like it.

I decided to scrap the whole thing because it was feeling unnecessarily hard (even though nothing about it was actually hard). The truth of it was that I was going to only follow the plan to please myself, not anyone else!

KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE, my inner voice said loudly.

K-I-S-S is my favorite go-to mantra when things feel hard.

In following my over achieving ambitious self, I was going to create extra work that was totally optional. Nobody except for me would really care.

How to keep it super simple? I asked myself.

I had all the ingredients for one of the best things to eat: Caprese salad baguette sandwich.

Was I going to make a sandwich for everyone?

I could, but not if I followed the K-I-S-S mantra!

The KISS mantra would allow everyone to MAKE their own!

So I did.

The lentil soup will be served another day during this busy week ahead. The focaccia can go right back into the freezer.

All I did was I made a big beautiful Caprese salad, heated the baguette and cut them into chunks, put out pesto, mayonnaise, and a few extra sides I had in the fridge (olives, sauerkraut, etc).

Then I announced to the family: Come make your own dinner!

Everyone loved the idea and happily made their own plates. We gathered around our outdoor patio table, enjoyed the most glorious weather together while munching on our very own caprese baguettes.

I so appreciated my inner voice who reminded me that there is always a simpler way to do everything.



To make the best caprese salad sandwiches, use the best ingredients you can find!

Heat up your favorite baguette in the oven while making the salad.

In a salad bowl or a serving plate, create a bed of your favorite greens (I like greens from here).

Slice tomatoes and mozzarella cheese and lay them over the greens.

Chop up some fresh basil leaves, sprinkle over the tomatoes and cheese.

Salt and pepper to your liking.

Generously drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the salad. Check out this company for the best oils and vinegars!

Allow everyone to make their own!

I like my caprese baguette with pesto and extra fresh basil.


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