May 28: The Three Treasures, part 1

kit yoon

As many stories as I still have to share with you, I will hold off on those for another time. For the last three days of “a blog a day in May,” I want to share what I consider the three treasures of our human experience.

In Chinese medicine, the three treasures include: Jing, Qi and Shen.

Together these treasures create the foundation of life.

I took the pleasure of translating and simplifying these intangible concepts into the Mind, the Body and the Intuition.

In this blog post, let’s talk about the first treasure: the MIND.

This treasure separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, to which we belong, but probably forget most of the time.

We humans were given the gift of the human brain – an incredibly complex organ that communicates constantly with the outside and inside stimuli.

The brain houses our MIND.

By definition, the mind is the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel. It is the faculty of consciousness and thought.

The human mind translates our thoughts into reality. It can realize the most incredible creations (like landing on the moon) as well as the most devastating events (like World Wars, the Holocaust, 9/11, mass shootings, to name a few).

The fact is, the mind is a human asset that we can not and should not take lightly. 

In truth, what we can dream, imagine, think, we can manifest, create, make into reality.

Most everything that you have in your life right now likely happened because it was first in your mind at some point:

  • your job
  • your house
  • your family
  • your friends
  • your travels
  • your material possessions
  • your accomplishments big and small

Do you like what you currently have and experience? 

Are you enjoying your life as it is today?

When we use our mind as a gift that it is, we can use it to our advantage.

We can use it to dream, imagine and think in such a way that allows us to experience life with more joy, less stress.

Does it sound easier said than done?

It may seem hard now because we have created lots of blockages, and limitations in our mind.

I call it Mind Qi stagnation. 

Those are thoughts and beliefs that we aren’t aware of. Or that we don’t think they are optional.

For instance, if you want to improve your health, but have thoughts and beliefs that it’s too hard to exercise regularly, or eat healthier, you will likely not make attempts or changes to improve your health.

But perhaps you didn’t even know that you had these beliefs.

Or perhaps you knew that you have these beliefs, but you didn’t think they were optional.

I can tell you now that they are NOT true.

  • What if you thought it was easy to exercise and eat healthier? That’s an option!
  • What if you thought you could make lifestyle changes easily because you could? That’s also an option!
  • What if you believed that “everything is possible“?

The mind is there for us to work with, manipulate and mold, like a block of clay to a potter.

When left unaware, it will always default to old beliefs and patterns we were given from formative times and experiences.

Using the mind as a treasure means we have to tend to it as we would other objects of importance.

We would know our mind well; we would take care of it frequently and with care.

We would use it intentionally for our own benefits.

Treating the mind as a treasure will bestow us more treasures back!

It is a true gift of being a human.

Are you using your mind wisely?


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