May 29: Three Treasures, Part Two


We met the first treasure in the previous blog post.

Today, let’s meet Treasure number two: THE BODY.

We were each given one body as a vehicle during this life time.

Most of us are lucky to have a fully functioning body – a body that houses all the organs and systems that automatically work to move us about, digest our food, heal big and small injuries. It houses the brain that acts like the captain of the ship to direct what we do and how we feel.

The body relies on us to feed it, and rest it without too much complaint.

If we really stop to think about what the body does for us, it is beyond impressive! 

Especially when we listen and obey to its needs, we are rewarded with better health and wellbeing.

The body “complains” when its needs haven’t been met in a while. For instance, we may experience muscle aches and pain if we do too much or too little. We may deal with digestive upset if we don’t eat properly.

We may be challenged by other discomforts when we are under excessive stress, exposed to trauma, or healing from ailments.

When we ignore its signs and nudges, we usually suffer more negative consequences, and sometimes lasting ones.

I like to compare to the body to a car: we don’t have to identify our being with it (its size, its appearance, its color, its age and the like), but we want to be sure to take care of it well enough so that it continues to serve us as needed.

Asking these questions can help you reconnect with the body like a treasure that it is:

  • Are you feeling comfortable in your body?
  • Is your body doing things you need it to do?
  • Do you tune in to what it needs, and be proactive to take care of it ahead of time (like take your car into get a tune up regularly)?
  • Do you talk and treat your body like a foe or a friend?

Remembering that this is the only body that will serve you in this lifetime, how do you want to take care of it moving forward?

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