May 30: Three Treasures, Part Three

kit yoon

Intuition may be the most important of the three treasures!

By definition, intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

To me, this means that the gift of intuition bypasses both the mind and the body.

Intuition is a gut-feeling, a sense, a knowing beyond our consciousness.

This may sound woo-woo to some, and yet, it is a part of us that we each possess. It’s a gift given to us from the very beginning; a tool in our toolbox that we often take for granted.

Some of us can recognize our intuitiveness whether it’s what we eat to feel our best, who we trust, how we make decisions.

Some of us doubt ourselves because of certain external beliefs and expectations.

Some of us trust our intuitions in some things, and not others.

This is all normal, and okay. You’re not doing it right or wrong.

The question is, how much do we want to access and utilize this gift of intuition. 

I was not super aware of this part of me until I went through hypnotherapy training. It blew my mind what happens when we let go of our conscious thoughts and beliefs. I saw the power of the subconscious and the intuitive part of each of us that surfaces when the mind surrenders.

I got to really tap into my own intuition when I went through Inner Voice Facilitation training with Jess Lively AND Intuitive Eating Counseling training with Evelyn Tribole.

Through these certification trainings, I learned that everything we ever need to create and live a purposeful and healthy life is already within us. I became convinced that the more we tap into and trust our intuition, the easier and happier life can be.

Since then, I allow my intuition, Sage, to guide me more often than not.

The treasure of intuition makes the other two (mind and body) connect with each other with so much more ease.

I am not proclaiming that there is perfection anywhere, especially for a human experience. But I can declare that there is magic when we each respect and respond to our unique Three Treasures.

You’ve got them – we all do!

It’s a matter of choosing to create that magic using these treasures for yourself.

Are you ready?


Do you want to find that magic?

Do you want to learn how to tune in and tap into each of your treasures?

I can help!

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