May 8: Katie, part 1

kit yoon

It’s an understatement that Katie changed my life. 

I took Katie out for our morning walk today, except these days, the walk is more like an aromatherapy session for a senior, deaf Corgi mix who may be around 16 years old. She could be as old as 18.

In 2011, new to the Midwest, new to living in suburbia, new to raising children in a new state, what else would we do but find ourselves a dog. 

It would be the first dog for us.

After searching on multiple platforms and googling different dog breeds (none of us had any experience owning a dog), we landed on a corgi rescue group near Springfield, Ohio, an hour away from Columbus.

On a cold and snowy January day, the four of us excitedly drove out to meet the possible new family member. We were given recommendations of three corgis that may fit our family.

Lots of barking and tail wagging corgis greeted us as we entered a small house.

Overwhelmed by all the commotions, I found myself a chair.  Almost immediately an orange – white Pembroke Welsh corgi with floppy ears put her stumpy little legs and paws on my legs. 

That’s Katie, announced one of the rescue ladies.

Is she one of the three you recommended?

Yes! Katie is a sweetie!

Okay then, Katie…I called her as I started petting her… Soon everyone else gathered to meet Katie as well. We took her outside for a snowy walk, which would be one of the thousands of walks I would take together.

These walks would change my life forever. 

Stay tuned for more in the next post!


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