May 9: Katie, part 2

kit yoon

Before owning a dog, I had this conception that dog owners walk their dogs 3 times a day. 

Where I got that information, I have no idea.

True or false, the belief was so strong that I started planning my early days with Katie around these 3 walks no matter what.

I also thought that I had to walk her at least 20 minutes each time. Again, no idea from where I got the information, but I took it to heart.

From being a relatively active person, I became a more active person. Specifically, I became a WALKER.

I also became someone with a morning, mid day and evening routine, simply with the addition of a dog in our life.

Not that I didn’t have some sort of routine before, but having Katie as my accountability parter, my discipline got a natural boost. We would walk rain or shine, in freezing cold or heat wave.

Having a concrete structure to my day made me a more efficient person in other areas of my life than I had ever expected.

Having a dog that I thought I had to walk 3 times a day made me a more disciplined person I had always wanted to be. 

The first few days and weeks of this new lifestyle went swimmingly.

Katie was becoming part of our family, and my personal coach & trainer.

As time progressed, on some of these multiple walks a day, I started to feel…unproductive. To-do lists would dominate my thoughts. I was beginning to feel impatient about the multiple walks a day, but the routine was set, and I didn’t think I had an option to change.

Then one day, somebody mentioned something about a podcast. 

What’s a podcast?  I asked.

It’s something you can listen to, like radio programs or audiobooks, they answered.

I downloaded the podcast app onto my (then) new gadget called an iPhone.

That was the beginning of a new discovery…

Come back fore more in the next post!


Did you know I hosted a podcast for a while? I loved it, and may eventually revive it. But there are plenty of episodes for you to enjoy in the meantime!

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