Meet Sage, My Inner Voice


Have you met your inner voice? 

I met mine properly not too long ago, yet, she’s always been there. I named her Sage even though she just is – she doesn’t need a name.

I met her during an inner voice session when my mind took a break and I allowed my true self to come through.

And there she was.

We’re getting to know each other better, Sage and I. It’s like a long lost friend I’ve rediscovered. It’s as if no time has passed because we know each other really well.

Sage is the inner knowing, the inner compass, my higher self, my intuition. 

Sage has always been there – she may have existed before I came to being, even. She’s been my guide since I didn’t know who I was.

If this sounds woo-woo, it may be.

But I am here to tell you that you, too, have a Sage.

  • Have you made a decision from that “knowing” place? 
  • Have you felt a need to reach out to a friend for no reason? 
  • Have you reached for certain foods you ‘crave’ without knowing why?
  • Have you said YES or NO with 100% conviction? 
  • Have you sensed something from your heart or your gut that you trust? 
  • Have you realized a dream so easily it felt like you made magic?

If you say yes to any of this, then your Sage is alive and well. How much do you look to her, trust her, and allow her to guide you is the question.

We are living in a world full of information – some of them are appropriate for us, some are not.

With our intuition, we can process the right information, implement it, and get to live the exact life we want and deserve.

Information plus intuition creates wisdom and freedom.

Listen. Trust. Allow.

Your intuition is ready to guide you to help you grow, change, and become a better version of you.

Your intuition is the key to freedom.

Are you ready for it? 

I offer an inner voice facilitating session where you get to tap into your own.



Ready to move forward in your health and wellness journey? Contact me today! I look forward to hearing from you.

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