Mind Body REBOOT

Have you been feeling out of sorts? Stuck? Unmotivated? 

It’s only natural after many many months of living with the uncertainties of a pandemic with no end in sight.

Naturally, we have all been “taking care” of ourselves with things that bring us comfort. If you are reading this post, that means you’ve done a good job at keeping yourself alive! Don’t diminish this win: it is a big win.

But, how are you feeling? 

Alive, but not awesome? 

Alive, but tired, overwhelmed, anxious or depressed?

Let me remind you that: it’s not you, it’s actually your nervous system.

Our body’s intelligence naturally kicks in during difficult times. The survival instinct relies on our sympathetic nervous system that makes sure we are functional in the fight-flight-freeze mode. If you are a regular human in this pandemic, this has been the new normal state for your body.

It’s as if you are constantly ready for war, or worse yet, it’s as if you are constantly fighting with your enemy.

It is no wonder that you are feeling less than optimum.

And it is the reason why you need a reboot!

Normally when one hears about a reset or a reboot, one thinks about what to take away. It’s the restrictive mentality in this detox culture we live in. Get rid of this. Don’t eat that. Stop this habit. 

Sometimes this approach can help get people motivated, but it often doesn’t keep people going.

Restrictions create deprivation.

It’s not the nicest way to take care of ourselves, honestly.

So, how can we reboot without restrictions?

We have to give ourselves presents. 

When the nervous system is overtaxed, it will appreciate some TLC. It can use a little attention, rest, and proper nourishment.

I’m offering this Reboot for my community using the two gifts I give myself when I need a nervous system reset.

  1. I feed myself at least one wholesome meal a day.
  2. I practice being in the present moment.

That’s it: two gifts for our wellbeing. They will help reset our nervous system so it can keep doing its best for our wellbeing.

I would love for you to join us: September 20-24!

Simply sign up here, and you will get all the details and community support for a successful Mind-body reboot!

You can also join our Facebook Community now. That’s where all the fun will happen.

Are you ready to gift yourself a reboot? Let’s do it together!

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