Mindful Eating: Forbidden Foods, or Not.

Three food wisdoms - the forbidden foods

The reason most diets fail and people gain their weight back and more is because of one feeling.

It is the feeling of deprivation.

We feel deprived when we tell ourselves that we can only eat certain “permitted” foods, that there are foods that are “bad,” “unsafe,” and “off-limits.”

This food labelling is a problem and should be eliminated from your thinking.

Instead of denying oneself of certain foods, the practise of mindful eating allows us to eat all foods. This is the only way to a sustainable and harmonious relationship with food while reaching and maintaining your healthy weight.

In her book, The Mindfulness-Based Eating Solution, Dr. Rossy gives three food wisdom when it comes to previously denied foods. Her three pearls of wisdom will help you overcome your anxiety around these foods.


  1. Eat with permission – reintroduce foods that you have forbidden yourself from eating or foods that you have labelled “bad” or “unsafe.” Explore if you feel guilty or criticize yourself when you eat it. Be curious about what you think and feel around it. See if you can trust yourself around it. And slowly allow yourself to eat it, following wisdom #2 and #3.
  2. Eat just enough – this requires a mind-body connection. Allow yourself to eat any food in the amount that your body requires to be satisfied. Check-in with your body below the neck and gauge your hunger. Stay present, and truly enjoy and savour every bite until you have had just enough.
  3. Know and respect your habits and triggers with food – this requires that you take note of your common habits around mindless eating. Eating any food when you are distracted leads to overeating. Once you recognize your patterns, and still choose to enjoy your challenging food, decide ahead of time the amount that will be enough for one sitting. Practice mindfulness while you enjoy the food and decide that it will be a guilt-free experience.

Use this food wisdom to practice mindful eating to have a healthy and harmonious relationship with all foods.

After all, we are the boss! Food is not able to reciprocate feelings. Why not eliminate the unnecessary burden and work toward food freedom.



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