Mindful Eating: What is it?


The term mindful eating can be interpreted in many different ways.

Here on my blog and in my practice, mindful eating is about how we approach food.

Specifically, mindful eating is the why, what and how we eat.

Being mindful is being in the present moment: this requires us to be conscious and aware of our actions.

Why is this important?

It is because so many of us have forgotten the fact that food is a necessity as fuel. It is meant to supply our body with nutrients so that we can stay alive.

For some of people, that is what they do: they eat to live.

But most of us, me included, have been living to eat.

You can read back on the love story I have with food! For as long as I can remember, food has represented so many things, not one of them reads fuel.

For a lot of us, food represents:

  • comfort
  • love
  • connection
  • creativity
  • entertainment
  • distraction
  • reward

To practice mindful eating does not mean that I can’t enjoy food as some of those things mentioned above. However, in order to have a healthy relationship with food where we can benefit from it as fuel as well as enjoyment, it is important to bring in the awareness.

Mindful eating is a practice.

Mindful eating is a way to harmoniously enjoy and benefit from food without negative consequences.

Mindful eating is the way for us to be present and respect ourselves.

Mindful eating is the key to our optimum mental and physical health.

It is the best way to vitality and freedom.

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