Mindful Eating Reset: The Story


It was a summer afternoon under our new porch.

A friend who lived down the street was visiting. While he and my husband chatted away about this and that, my mind went somewhere else.

I was thinking about food.

I was not dreaming about pies and pastries like normal, rather, I was thinking about the book I had just finished reading.

It was a little, but powerful book.

I was positively intrigued by its message and wanted to follow some of its wisdom. While I pondered about implementing some of the book’s “rules,” I wondered if anyone else would join me.

So without thinking, and really being rather rude, I asked our friend if he would do a “clean eating challenge” around the book with me. Would he be my guinea pig?

{Notice how I didn’t ask my husband who was also right there?}

“Sure, but can I drink coffee,” he asked. He accepted the challenge without really wanting to know anything else about it.

“Sure,” I said. Coffee is fine! Of course, coffee is fine (as long as you don’t add all kinds of things to it!).

That was the beginning of my first “Clean Eating Challenge.”

A few years have passed, and many challenges later, Clean Eating Challenge evolved into Mindful Eating Reset. 

The gist is still the same: eat whole foods for our best health.

The more I worked with people, the more I realized that the mind is the more important part of eating.

We wouldn’t have any issues with food, eating, or weight, if we didn’t have the human mind.

If we ate according to our bodily cues and survival needs like other animals do, we would eat intuitively, and yes, mindfully.

We would not be challenged by stress eating, social obligations, mindless eating in front of TVs or phones.

We would only choose foods that are fuels for the body and disregard non-food-like items because that would be a waste of time and energy to consume.

We would never overeat.

But of course, that’s all much easier said than done.

We are humans with the human brain that gets tricky and sneaky. We are burdened with old beliefs. We are fearful of discomfort.

We often forget how to stay connected with our bodies. We seek instant gratification instead of long term benefits.

That’s where Mindful Eating Reset comes in.

During the 5-day Reset, I challenge the participants to focus on why, what and how they eat.

We also:

  • tune in to our body cues and learn how to connect the mind with the body.
  • learn and practice using food as fuel and an occasional pleasure.
  • learn what is enough and what is too much for our unique body.
  • learn to watch our thoughts as they are the ones that cause our actions and the end results.

Mindful eating is a choice. 

It is a way to bring about consciousness and to live deliberately. Because eating is living.

If this is the one life that we have, why not live to its fullest, in a healthy mind and body?

Join me in the next Mindful Eating Reset and watch your mind and body become one, feel more alive and live the life you intend to live, consciously and mindfully.



Ready to move forward in your health and wellness journey? Contact me today! I look forward to hearing from you.

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