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Eight years ago, I started walking our new dog – our first – religiously.

I thought that’s what a dog-owner has to do, so I did it without questioning.

I’d walk her three times a day, creating a new routine for both of us.

One day, I saw a friend walking – just walking. She stopped and pulled out her headphones to greet me (those were the days before Bluetooth earbuds).

What are you listening to, I asked her.

Oh a really good podcast, she replied. 

What’s a podcast, I asked. 

That’s when my life changed. She told me what a podcast was, how to find it on my phone, and introduced me to a whole new world.

From that day onward, I would walk and listen to podcasts. The walks became more than the chore of walking the pup. I started looking forward to learning, thinking, while moving my body.

I got to really enjoy several podcasts and got to feel a connection with the hosts.

Sometimes it would feel like walking with a friend. 

Sometimes it would feel like being in a classroom.

Sometimes it would feel like reading the newspaper.

Sometimes it would feel like meditation because I lose a sense of time and space.

I have cried and laughed out loud listening to a podcast.

I’ve felt inspired, empowered, encouraged and excited, listening to a podcast.

I’ve made friends, created my business, learned new tools to help people, by listening to podcasts.

I love that I could listen to it anywhere, with or without an internet connection.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that podcasts have changed my life.

A few years in, I thought to myself that perhaps I could create one. That maybe I have a few things I can share with people. That I could offer my community a little moment of connection, information, and maybe even meditation. Maybe I could be a friend on their walk, their plane ride, their laundry-folding buddy.

The day has come.

88% Percent Perfect is born today, October 28, under a new moon!

I’d love for you to check it out.

I’d love to hear what you think.

I’d love for you to subscribe to it (it will come out every Monday morning), rate & review it, and share it with your friends just like how mind shared it with me.

Your life may not change drastically the way mine did… but maybe I can help you enjoy it a little bit more.

Maybe I can help you find joy 88% of the time.

Tune in!



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