Episode 57: Client Success No More Dieting with Nori Duffee

In today’s episode Kit chats with Nori Duffee, a client found freedom from food and weight by learning to reframe her thoughts, and trust her body.

Listen to why Nori contacted Kit in the first place, what she was expecting from coaching, and what she really got from it.

Learn how Kit helped Nori with her weight obsession, how she lose extra pounds with no effort, what was the root of her overeating issues, and how Nori’s relationship with food has changed.

You will learn about Kit’s “Trust your Gut” free mini-course on Intuitive Eating so you, too, can experience the journey that Nori has been on.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 02:23 How Kit’s and Nori’s story started
  • 06:01 How Nori tapped into the world of coaching
  • 07:32 Everything you need to know about Kit’s “Trust your Got” mini-course
  • 09:25 Why Nori reached out to Kit
  • 13:17 Nori’s obsession with weight
  • 14:20 How Kit helped Nori
  • 17:57 Nori’s root of overeating
  • 20:31 How Nori has changed her relationship with food
  • 22:53 How does exercise look like now for Nori?

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