Normal Eating

intuitive eating

“What are you going to eat, Mommy?”

This is a relatively common question at our family dinner table for the last couple of years from my kids.

Why? Because during my accidental dieting period, I didn’t quite eat what I made for my family.

  • There were many weeks when I didn’t eat any flour or sugar.
  • There was a whole year when I didn’t eat anything with gluten.
  • There were two or so months when I gave up coffee… and maybe chocolate.

Being in my own head, I didn’t see that I was doing anything strange, let alone abnormal.

I thought I was being a good girl and a good student because I was staying on my “protocol” or succeeding at the challenges I forced upon myself.

Looking back now, it is crystal clear that I was trapped in the diet mentality of restriction and deprivation. I created a way of eating so that I could achieve my weight goal or feel successful at my own challenges.

I was far from what “normal eating” is for me.

When the clouds parted and I decided to leave the traffic circle of dieting, I returned to what made me and my body feel good.

I stopped labelling food, creating protocols, prohibiting myself from enjoying what I actually so enjoy: good food.

Normal eating for you will look very different from mine, no doubt. I do hope that whatever “normal” looks like to you, you get to enjoy the food with ease, and feel satisfied and nourished.

I can’t tell you how happy I am when the kids still ask me sometimes (much less often now) the question, “What are you going to eat, Mommy?”

I answer them with glee: “I’m eating whatever you’re eating!”



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