Intuitive Eating Journey: Permission to eat

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It sounds overly simplistic: allow yourself to eat whatever you want.

Some people may be anxious just reading that sentence. Are you?

Here’s the deal.

We were all born with this permission – to eat whatever we want – because our survival depends on it.

We were meant to want food to keep our bodies nourished and alive. We were given taste buds and dopamine and digestive juices just for this reason. If we were not meant to eat, enjoy and desire food, our species would have disappeared long ago.

So WHY is it so hard to give ourselves permission to eat whatever we want?

Because we have been taught several messages that take us away from our natural instincts to just eat.

Some of which may include:

1. There’s good food and bad food.

2. There’s a certain body we’re supposed to have.

3. There’s a certain diet we’re supposed to follow.

4. Listen to outside sources to make to be happy. 

With these messages that feel so normal to most of us, we leave behind our own innate wisdom and natural instincts to eat whatever our body needs.

We forget how to trust ourselves, our intuition, our bodies.

Ironically, more uncomfortable in our own body, more confused, more unhappy than ever.

If you want to return to your natural way of being which will help you to return to your natural body weight as it was meant to be, then we have to do some unravelling and unlearning.

One of the most important re-learning lessons is giving ourselves permission to eat all foods. 

It requires that we first acknowledge how we’ve been labelling foods in our minds, most of the time quite automatically. With the labelling, we subconsciously restrict ourselves from certain foods out of fear.

This fear has been traumatic to our brain and body. The natural response to this fear is to eat more (survival instinct, remember?).

The more we label food, the more fears we have around food, the more we eat, the more weight we gain, the longer the cycle of dieting and suffering endured.

Giving ourselves permission to eat whatever we want… to not label foods as good or bad… to eat according to our true innate desire… this is the key to freedom.

If it feels wrong to give yourself this permission, I want you to question yourself why. 

If it feels scary to do it, I want you to ask yourself whether it actually is. 

If you truly want to be at your natural body weight – the way you were meant to be – it will feel wrong and scary at first, and that’s okay and normal.

Your body is smart. It’s been waiting for you to come home to it.

At your home in your body, it is always safe. There is no fear. All foods fit.

You are already perfect at your own home. 

Is it time for you to come home?



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