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Join us on the podcast where holistic health coach Kit Yoon and her guests share unique ways of living for a balanced life. Hear expert and candid tips on how to feel + be healthy and actually love + enjoy living that way!

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Take a Break from Drinking with Rachel Hart


Less Stress & More Energy with Lee Holden


Taking Action (Wisdom from my Family)


Intuitive Eating with Simi Botic


Atomic Habits & Our Identity with James Clear


Mindful Eating for the Holidays


Your Future Self with Lisa Martinello


Listen to interviews from health & Nutrition Coaches & Kit's best tips on getting unstuck from Qi Stagnation, tuning into your Inner Voice & letting your body heal itself. Here's to living a healthy life you actually enjoy!

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"Kit’s podcast is an approachable, holistic approach to health and wellbeing we all can incorporate into our daily lives."

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Listening to podcasts changed Kit's life in so many ways. She credits her dog, Katie, to the long walks that introduced her to this platform. Podcasts help you learn, make you laugh & cry. Podcasts can inspire and empower listeners at their own leisure, from anywhere in the world. It's quite magical!

Kit hopes that The Healthy Actually Podcast will do just that for you! It's where she and her podcast guests share their knowledge and wisdom, their own journeys and stories that can help you balance your three treasures - MIND, BODY and INTUITION - of health so you can create and live the healthiest life you actually enjoy! 

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