BONUS #2: Advice from a Dietitian How to Stay Well-Nourished during the Pandemic


“All foods can fit.” Jess Napolitano

In today’s episode, Kit is joined with Jess Napolitano, an adjunct professor at the Health and Sports Sciences Department at Otterbein University and a clinical dietitian who works mainly with children and families. Kit and Jess talk about what we can do to enhance not only our nutrition but our overall health during the pandemic of COVID-19. Particularly, you will learn how you can take the advantage of the lockdown and benefit your nutrition, what it means to have a 360-degrees approach, why you should be flexible and creative with your diet during these challenging times, and many more!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:45 – What you can expect from today’s BONUS episode!
  • 2:12 – How one of the topics covered in today’s podcast is related to Kit’s FREE Spring Reset that is currently running
  • 4:45 – Who is Jessica?
  • 9:07 – How you can take advantage of the lockdown and benefit your nutrition
  • 16:14 – Jess’ advice to stay healthy during the isolation
  • 20:40 – What it means to have a 360-degrees approach to your health
  • 22:27 – The importance of being flexible and creative with a diet during the health crisis
  • 29:32 – Why you should tune into your body, not into your mind
  • 35:21 – Jess’ 12% of pleasure
  • 39:36 – How you can get in touch with our guest

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