Episode 08: Finding your Flow with Amanda Cook

amanda cook

In this week’s episode, Kit interviews her business couch Amanda Cook, founder of Wellpreneur, a health coach, and a total marketing geek!

Amanda is also an author of the best selling book Wellpreneur and the companion book Wellpreneur Planner.

Amanda talks about her major identity shift that happened in her 20s, why she decided to move to Europe, and how her inner compass drives her today.

Moving forward, Amanda reveals who is Wellpreneur and how you can find your flow to get aligned with your business and life.

In addition, our guest shares some simple, yet powerful remedies, especially useful for this period of the year.

Therefore, tune in and get into the flow!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:45 – Multitasking and why you should do it when listening to the podcast
  • 2:03 – December and time to reflect
  • 3:13 – In a nutshell, who is Amanda Cook
  • 6:45 – Amanda’s background
  • 10:06 – A major choice that she made with her identity and career
  • 15:00 – Amanda’s life in Washington DC and how she decided to move to France
  • 20:39 – When the creative side of Amanda’s personality started “knocking” again and
  • 22:42 – How “Not Enough” mindset helped her to explore it further
  • 25:03 – How Amanda’s inner compass drives her nowadays
  • 27:34 – What are the 2 core areas of Amanda’s Wellpreneur
  • 32:52 – How Amanda accesses her inner wisdom
  • 38:07 – And how it is related to Kit’s practice of listening to your own hunger
  • 40:52 – Amanda’s favorite remedies
  • 45:18 – How you can get in touch with Amanda

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