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Episode 12: The Best Diet for Weight Loss

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“I believe with every part of me that being mindful, whether it’s with food, with eating, with life, in general, is the ticket for us to really get to live the life that we want.” Kit Yoon

In this week’s episode, Kit talks about the ME Diet, the best diet for creating freedom around weight and food. Particularly, you will learn why our eating has to be mindful, intentional, and nourishing, why ME Diet is far more superior to the other fad diets, and what is the best way to practice it. Besides, you will hear some interesting stories from Kit’s recent trip to Thailand and get all the info about her upcoming event, Mindful Eating Reset.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:45 – A remedy that helped Kit to better handle a long flight from Thailand to the States
  • 03:22 – Amazing place in Myanmar that you should put on your bucket list
  • 06:54 – Everything you need to know about Kit’s upcoming event, Mindful Eating Reset
  • 08:36 – ME Diet and why it is the best diet for creating freedom around weight and food
  • 11:20 – Why our eating has to be mindful, intentional, and nourishing
  • 14:09 – Why dieting can be so challenging for the majority of people and
  • 16:31 – How ME diet is different from other fad diets out there
  • 18:32 – Kit’s gluten-free resolution for 2019 and what she learned from it
  • 21:56 – The best way to practice ME Diet
  • 22:56 – A small appeal that means a lot to us!
  • 23:44 – A sneak peek to the next episode

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