Episode 07: Best Natural Weight Tool


Even though Kit was at a conference in Atlanta, she found some time to record a podcast far away from home.

In this episode, Kit shares the best natural weight tool, the Hunger Scale!

First and foremost, Kit elaborates on the commonly held truth that feeling hungry is unsafe and reminds us of important questions around eating that we very often forget to ask ourselves.

Moving forward, you will learn about the Hunger Scale, how you can use it in practice, and most importantly how to eat mindfully without struggles! Tune in and find out more!

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 0:47 – Why Kit recorded this episode from Atlanta
  • 3:22 – What you can expect from this episode
  • 3:56 – Questions that Kit asked her weight clients
  • 6:53 – The commonly held truth that feeling hungry is unsafe
  • 10:29 – Important questions around eating that we don’t ask ourselves
  • 11:45 – All you need to know about the Hunger Scale
  • 15:49 – What is 0 and what is 10 on the scale and
  • 16:56 – Everything in between
  • 18:48 – How we can use a Hunger Scale in practice
  • 23:26 – Important point to remember
  • 24:48 – How to book Kit’s free Discovery coaching session

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