Episode 47: Break Free from Diet Culture with Julie Ohlemacher

diet culture

In today’s episode, Kit chats with Julie Ohlemacher, an Intuitive Eating and Body Image Coach, about how to break free from diet culture. Discussion between these two inspirational women, who overcame their dieting challenges, will draw our attention to the diet culture and introduce us to the concept and importance of intuitive eating.

See how peer pressure shapes women’s minds and bodies in today’s society. Learn from Julie’s experience as she walks us through her eating disorder story. Find out how to listen to your body, how to overcome the guilt and shame cycle, and make your first steps towards a healthier and happier self.

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:44  – Vote!
  • 01:31  – Why Julie’s message is so important
  • 03:11  – Kit’s weight journey story and how to find it
  • 06:15  – Julie’s background
  • 13:43  – Julie’s eating disorder story
  • 26:06  – What diet culture is
  • 28:33  – Who is a part of diet culture?
  • 35:18  – How did Julie start with intuitive eating?
  • 42:40  – What is diet culture based on?
  • 44:54  – Diet culture and feminism
  • 48:09  – How is Julie helping her clients?
  • 51:53  – How to find Julie


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