Episode 33: How to Connect with Your Intuition


In today’s episode, Kit teaches us how to make decisions that will help us create the life, body, relationships, work, and health that we desire by tuning into our own inner wisdom.

Listen in and determine your unique definition of intuition.

Kit helps us detect the intuitive part of our body. She explains how to start listening to our own intuition, the best guidance of all.

What does your inner voice tell you, should you listen to this episode?

What you will hear in this episode:

  • 00:44 – Why today’s episode is important
  • 02:03 – What is Kit going to teach us?
  • 03:37 – What is intuition?
  • 05:02 – The difference between the knowledge of the mind and the knowledge of the body
  • 06:22 – How to start listening to intuition
  • 06:54 – Where does intuition come from?
  • 08:31 – Breathing exercise
  • 13:36 – When you should come back to this podcast?

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